Clinical research in LNAge

The value of experience and professionalism


LNAge is an Italian full service Contract Research Organization (CRO), based in Rome, engaged for over twenty years in clinical research in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biomedical fields.

In the course of its activity LNAge has developed numerous relationships with the main Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) operating in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and has built a young and dynamic team, composed of highly professional researchers and experts. Each of the professionals of our staff boasts a highly specialized training in medical-scientific disciplines and is characterized by a deeply structured and clearly result-oriented method of work and research.

LNAge maintains collaborative and partnership relationships with the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities, and with the most advanced public and private hospitals, in order to offer high-level advice in the field of clinical research and healthcare.




Clinical research and pharmaceutical development

Pharmaceutical expertise at the service of the customer


More recently, LNAge has oriented the clinical research activity carried out in its laboratories towards the study, formulation and development of class 1 medical devicesdermocosmetics and food supplements with specific purposes.

These parapharmaceutical products, currently marketed under the LNAge brand and available in our online ecommerce, demonstrate daily to our patients, our customers and our scientific partners the high results achieved by our research and development activity, guided by the ultimate goal of increasing the health of our patients and the well-being of anyone who decides to rely on quality that only a prolonged Experience in the field of clinical and pharmaceutical research can guarantee.



Our Mission

We conduct clinical research activities animated by a strong passion for scientific investigation and guided by a constant methodological rigor to pursue certain and replicable results that can always represent, albeit with the differences of the case, a contribution to the advancement of a knowledge that we are committed to sharing with our partners and with the entire scientific community. We firmly believe that a research project cannot be completed without trust in the organizational structure and optimization of methodological processes

Our Vision

As a full service Contract Research Organization we propose ourselves every day as the ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, public and private university facilities and entrepreneurial realities interested in experimenting and placing on the market medical devices and innovative therapeutic protocols. The deep specialization of our human resources and the excellence of our logistics facilities allows us to operate with professionalism throughout the national territory and in the international scenario, supporting every type of customer in the entire clinical research activity

Our Values

We believe that our profession can only be practiced with constant compliance with methodological procedures and protocols and that it must be supported by a solid and, at the same time, flexible organizational structure. This is why we practice sharing and comparison every day both inside and outside our company. Collaborating also means creating new and more solid partnership relationships with our customers, in order to create a structured network of professional relationships that allows us to share methods, values and results.


Collaborating, at an operational level, means practicing and a business model that makes the partnership its focal point: a network of professionals and realities engaged in various capacities in clinical research allows us to satisfy any type of request both on the Italian territory and in Europe and internationally. We can support each customer with professionalism and attention, supporting him both internally and externally in his research activities and in the development of his business, in compliance with strict quality standards

Business internationalization

LNAge constantly directs its efforts in business internationalization, an area that it considers fundamental for its growth, for this reason it is also present on the international market where it has carried out consulting activities towards healthcare companies and clinical and pharmaceutical research institutes based in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Israel and the United States. Some of the medical devices and dermocosmetics developed by LNAge are exported to Côte d'Ivoire and will soon also be available in China, Hungary and Albania.

Vocational training

Training in clinical and pharmaceutical research is another of the sectors that LNAge intends to develop further in the near future through collaborations with universities, professional training centers and Italian and foreign foundations and through its own training interventions. Only through a widespread dissemination of the skills acquired and the experience gained to recent graduates and young professionals who intend to carry out a professional activity in the clinical-pharmaceutical field will it be possible a real business growth and a solid scientific advancement.


Clinical Areas and Departments

The organization of clinical research in LNAge

The functioning of the clinical research activity carried out in LNAge can be fully understood through the different departments of our structure: the individual medical specialties on which our researchers have focused represent as many research areas in which we operate every day to identify, design and implement the best and most innovative solutions

NeuroscienceGastroenterologyOncologyCardiovascular DiseasesDermatologyOphthalmologyAutoimmune Diseases and Rare Diseases are the main clinical areas of intervention in which LNAge professionals operate, through highly structured research projects that intend to achieve concrete and measurable results and improve the health of citizens, thus providing a valuable contribution to the evolution of current therapeutic protocols.



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