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IntegrEat Food Supplement, also thanks to the new formulation released in January 2021, is a multivitamin specially designed to meet the needs of bariatric patients: the large obese who undergo surgery aimed at slimming, in fact, must face a preparatory period in which they are subjected to a rigid diet that deprives them of the nutrients they generally take to meet their needs nutritional.
Similarly, in the period immediately following the operation, these patients are subject to considerable assimilation difficulties and, for this reason, they need a supplement that ensures them the right amount of vitamins and mineral salts.
These characteristics make IntegrEat food supplement a valid ally for bariatric patients but also those who are subject to other pathologies that affect the ability to digestand (such as Crohn's disease), for the elderly, who are often forced to face the same kind of problem or similar pathologies, for the constipated or for all those subjects who, in particular periods of the year such as summer, they need a greater intake of vitamins and mineral salts.

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If you have decided to radically change your life, if you have chosen to start a path that has as its objective your rebirth and, for this reason, you have chosen to face a bariatric surgery to bring your body back to an optimal weight, the surgeon who assists you will certainly have presented you with all the difficulties and efforts that this choice requires: the preparation is demanding and two to three months before the operation you will have to undergo a strict diet that will deprive you of many of the nutrients you generally take, for this reason it is advisable to resort to IntegrEat food supplement, a precious ally that manages to meet the daily need for nutrients, avoiding unnecessary overdoses, through two different daily intakes, in the morning and in the evening, provided to obtain the best integration with the body metabolism and maximize the absorption of vitamins and mineral salts present in IntegrEat.

Thanks to the new formulation and its special two-phase structuring, IntegrEat dietary supplement for bariatric patients interacts perfectly with the bioavailability of the body and provides you with the right nutrients at the time of day when you need them most.
This characteristic makes this dietary supplement for bariatric patients particularly suitable not only for the period preceding bariatric surgery but also for the immediately following hospitalization phase, when intestinal absorption capacities are reduced or compromised. For the same reason IntegrEat is a valuable ally of all those patients who are subject to pathologies that have the same effects: for the elderly, whose intestinal absorption abilities are often compromised, but also for those who have been affected by Crohn's disease: in the latter case IntegrEat not only provides the nutrients that the patient, while eating, much can not assimilate but also manages to avoid borborigmi and flatulence.

IntegrEat is also a supplement particularly suitable for supporting your body at all times when the expenditure of vitamins and mineral salts increases: these can be periods of stress, the months of the year when temperatures increase and, therefore, also sweating or the moments of the day when the body is called to support a particular physical effort.

The nutrients of IntegrEat dietary supplement for bariatric patients

The particular composition of IntegrEat food supplement, in two different tablets, to be taken separately, in the morning and in the evening, allows the body of a bariatric patient, with reduced gastrointestinal absorption capacity, the complete assimilation of nutrients. The formulation is, in fact, particularly balanced with respect to the different metabolic processes involved in the body during the morning and evening and its two-tablet formulation, to be taken at different times of the day, allows you to reduce the negative competition in the bioavailability of many elements, also facilitating the synergy in the absorption and functioning of its ingredients.
Mallow and aloe vera, present in the supplement, protect and soothe the intestinal mucosa while chamomile has a muscle relaxant effect.
In the evening and morning capsules, the essential nutrients for your body and your well-being have been inserted, distributed by providing a balance that favors the intake of fat-soluble vitamins, in the evening and water-soluble ones, during the day. The new formula, released in January 2021, is made of divisible tablets that favor the customization of dosages and allow an intake as much as possible calibrated to the needs of the individual patient.

IntegrEat food supplement guarantees the body the right supply of fundamental nutrients that perform different physiological functions: B vitamins promote enzymatic reactions, vitamins A and D coordinate mineral metabolism and regulate the growth and differentiation of cells and tissues, vitamin E and C perform an antioxidant function, minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium are an integral part of fundamental molecules for the body and its metabolism.

Consult and download the Table of components and nutritional values of IntegrEat dietary supplement for bariatric patients!

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