Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores


Lesoderm is a medicine for local use that guarantees high protection, a healing spray indicated for bedsores, sores caused by the use of diapers, radiotherapy burns, psoriasis plaques and small superficial wounds with joined flaps.
This spray patch promotes the formation of a film-forming microbarrier, similar to an imperceptible film that protects your skin in case of excoriations, abrasions, small lesions, psorisiacal plaques and eczema.
Lesoderm is a class 2B medical device, registered with the Italian Ministry of Health and authorized for trade by EMA (European Medicines Agency) based on allantoin: thanks to the recognized muco-adhesive properties of this substance, in addition to protecting the skin, it promotes the reconstitution of tissues and accelerates the healing of superficial wounds. Other substances present in Lesoderm make this healing spray for bedsores particularly indicated for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and breathable action.

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If you are a doctor, nurse or professional practitioner, you can effectively use Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores in your professional activity. This class 2B medical device registered with the Italian Ministry of Health and authorized for trade by EMA (European Medicines Agency), in fact, is also indicated for the treatment of many pathologies and problems affecting the superficial tissues of the skin and for the prevention of sores caused by the use of diapers and radiotherapy burns.
Lesoderm can be purchased online and in the best pharmacies, without a prescription, so you can use it successfully even if you are a private individual: it is, in fact, an effective medical device for the treatment of abrasions, grazes and small cutting wounds with joined flaps.
Immediately after the application of Lesoderm a film-forming microbarrier will ensure adequate protection from the action of germs and bacteria and, at the same time, adequate perspiration, to abraded and excoriated tissues.
This protective function is guaranteed by allantoin, a natural substance with high regenerative and dermoparative properties, but also by the presence of hydrolyzed marine collagen, which acts by creating an effective protection between excoriation and the external environment, stimulating the regeneration of the skin and strengthening its elasticity, and by sodium hyaluronate that manages to retain hydrophilic molecules: it thus prevents, through the film, transdermal water loss and ensures the maintenance of the necessary moisture and effective hydration of the skin.
To these elements is added the synergistic action between the dry extract of Propolis, Hypericum oil and calendula: the interaction of these components as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory and refreshing, reactivates the metabolism and ensures a dermoprotective and regenerating effect that, together with chlorhexidine, helps to protect the environment damaged by bacterial and fungal infections.

How to use Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores


Before applying Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores carefully clean and dry the affected part; spray the product from a distance of 5-10 cm from the lesion and let it dry for about a minute.
Apply the healing spray 2-3 times a day on the area of the skin to be treated, always taking care to have it first washed and, then, dried thoroughly. Avoid, instead of massaging it and let it air dry without covering it.
Be careful not to exceed the number of applications indicated above without the advice of your doctor. Our products have been tested with specific tests of irritability on skins and mucous membranes. However, cases of individual hypersensitivity to individual ingredients may occur, we suggest, therefore, to pay particular attention to the first application of the product and to stop using it in case of actual irritation.

When to use Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores

Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores is a spray patch developed and formulated:

for the treatment of bedsores, for pressure ulcers, for pressure injuries and for other types of tissue lesions, even with necrotic evolution, which affect not only the epidermis and dermis but also the subcutaneous layers;

to prevent the formation of bedsores (back, heels and buttocks);

for the prevention of sores caused by the use of diapers;

for the prevention of radiotherapy burns;

to prevent the formation of reddened and irritated psoriatic plaques;

Lesoderm healing spray can also be effectively used:

to treat any type and every level of redness of the skin due to cold, own irritations, contact and rubbing;

for grazes and abrasions that do not go beyond the dermis;

in the treatment of small superficial cut wounds with joined flaps;

on dry and cracked skin;

as a support to the treatment of mild and moderate acne, for its soothing and anti-inflammatory action;

in the treatment of sunburn, burns and eczema with an intact skin surface;

Lesoderm healing spray for bedsores is made with natural substances and does not contain alcohol, which makes it a medical device also suitable for localized irritations, for skin folds due to rubbing and for the treatment of grazes and minor lesions of particularly delicate areas such as the armpits and groin.

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