Pharmaceutical Marketing



LNAge considers the pharmaceutical marketing sector of fundamental importance for this reason it is committed daily, through specific professionalism, in the development of policies and commercial plans for the success of the services and products developed and offered on its own account.

LNAge has consultants specialized in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing able to support client companies in all the actions necessary for the success of their products and services: in addition to the definition of brands for specific product lines, it is configured as the ideal partner for the realization of marketing plans and for the planning and implementation of all actions, traditional and digital, which a marketing strategy can foresee.




Pharmaceutical marketing

activities and areas of intervention


On the recommendation of the sponsors, having analyzed the specific needs and reference markets, LNAge defines, together with the client companies, the main objectives that a marketing campaign must achieve and plans strategic and operational pharmaceutical marketing actions, aimed at the promotion and marketing of new medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics or the promotion of new services or therapeutic protocols.
The pharmaceutical sector requires specific skills and implements peculiar marketing strategies, modulated on the specific products and services it offers: the new therapeutic protocols and the most recent medical devices placed on the market need, in fact, not only adequate advertising actions but, above all, effective communication strategies, which communicate the benefits and effects and are able to adequately explain the methods of use not only to doctors and professionals called to prescribe or adopt them but also to end users, patients who will take new drugs and parapharmaceuticals for their pathologies. Precisely for this reason, the pharmaceutical marketing experts who work in LNAge work closely not only with those who deal with medical device technology and design and manufacture new medical devices but also with the professionals who take care of the medical writing service.


Pharmaceutical marketing

the customer at the center


The pharmaceutical marketing strategies offered by LNAge are at the forefront of the current scenarios of the reference market and take into great consideration the massive use that has been made of new digital tools in recent decades. The advent of digital communication and the increasingly consistent use of online communication strategies, alongside traditional offline strategies, has started a real revolution in the ways in which parapharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical products are communicated and advertised.

In our years, in fact, users, thanks to PCs, tablets and smartphones, have an increasingly immediate and direct access to information; similarly, patients also have greater speed and precision access to an impressive amount of information concerning their health and the drugs they are called upon to take.
For this reason, rather than the notoriety of a brand, the pharmaceutical marketing experts present in LNAge orient their daily work by looking at the end user and the need to inform him in a detailed and timely way, about the medical devices and therapeutic protocols designed and marketed.
Our traditional and digital marketing strategies are, therefore, always developed with customer satisfaction as a basic principle and as a goal to be achieved, be it an important sponsor, or a simple user of the website who buys one of our products online.




The commercial services offered

In the design of a commercial strategy for the sponsorship of product lines made by our company or our customers we deal with:

  • create integrated marketing plans that combine online and offline actions, ensuring the most fitting and suitable presentation for every single product or service advertised;
  • take care of the coordinated image of new lines of parapharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical products, through a study and graphic design of the logo, the definition of the brand and the creation of promotional claims.
  • The service is offered to both Italian and international customers, especially for the latter the packaging is also made and all the intermediate phases that lead from the development of the product to its marketing are taken care of, such as packaging and distribution to the sales network;
  • For each product, in addition to the leaflets edited by our medical writing experts, the packaging is taken care of and illustrative and promotional material is prepared, printed and digital, so as to guarantee not only effective and pervasive advertising but also, and above all, maximum information to users;
  • In addition to traditional advertising channels, we use multiple digital tools, such as promotional videos that we have also made for LNAge brand products, such as Lesoderm;
  • we take care of the dissemination of our customers' brands through the creation of advertising editorials and informative articles that are then addressed to the main media that deal with health and well-being, with which LNAge maintains stable contacts;
  • At the request of our customers, as part of the pharmaceutical marketing activities we also deal with the creation of paid online advertising campaigns and the management of websites or ecommerce, dedicated to specific lines of parapharmaceutical and cosmetic products.