Medical Writing


The profession of medical writing is a frontier activity, as fascinating as it is challenging, which requires different skills and involves carrying out activities of various kinds ranging from the writing of illustrative material to editorial work on scientific texts.
Precisely for this reason, even the medical writer is a professional who, to a desirable medical-scientific training, must associate a deep linguistic competence not only in Italian but also in English, the language of the scientific community of the pharmaceutical and medical sector, and an uncommon ability to communicate concepts , sometimes even complex in a clear, concise and understandable way not only to professionals but also to those who may be the common users of a package leaflet or a company website.


Medical Writing

skills and activities

More specifically, medical writing requires in-depth knowledge and constant training and updating on the progress and advances of pharmaceutical and biomedical research, but also on the most recent orientations of Italian and European legislation, as well as a good dose of passion for writing, a strong clarity of presentation and synthesis skills.
The documents that the medical writer produces are of a very different nature. In the pharmaceutical industry and in the daily activities of a CRO, well-structured elaborationsare indispensable, drawn up according to precise rules that make them comply with the quality standards adopted: in the process of testing and validating a medical device or a therapeutic protocol, the doctors and partners involved must, for example, be able to read and quickly understand complex documents such as clinical study protocols, reports on previous clinical trials, informed consent forms, summary documents, technical data sheets for drugs to be placed on the market.
In the activity of medical writing are, therefore, to distinguish a writing activity for a general public, a professional writing activity that becomes indispensable in the work processes of a CRO and that is aimed at sponsors and scientific partners and a real scientific writing activity that is configured as even more technical and rigorous than the previous one because it has as its recipients the scientific community and the academic world.


Medical Writing in LNAge

As mentioned above, LNAge professionals also carry out medical writing activities at three distinct levels. The texts packaged for traditional and digital marketing activities are intended for a general audience and have the function of offering useful information to an audience of non-experts who may be interested in the company's activities and products offered in our online parapharmacy.

A second level of professional writing activity in the medical field is the one that is configured in the daily activity of LNAge as a Contract Research Organization, in which technical documents are produced such as clinical study protocols, informed consent forms, CRFs and eCRFs, package leaflets of any medical device, food supplement or functional cosmetic (which must be drawn up according to specific criteria, explicitly provided for by the reference legislation), technical data sheets, abstracts, presentations, clinical reports, statistical reports and summary documents.

The field of medical writing also includes the activity that the professionals of LNAge regarding the actual scientific articles, a writing activity of a purely technical and specialized nature, which in most cases uses English (reference language of the scientific community) and is intended for an equally selected and specialized target, namely the scientific and university community.



Medical Writing services

In this context, the professionals who work in LNAge:

    • carry out activities of drafting and complete drafting of scientific articles on aspects of particular interest to the scientific community, such as, for example, the results produced by a clinical study or the effects of a medical device highlighted by a study carried out. In this regard, we point out the numerous scientific contributions offered, over the years, by the internal and external collaborators of LNAge and the scientific volumes in which the members of our staff took part;
    • collaborate in the drafting of scientific articles with professionals who work outside the company, representatives of the world of university and / or private research, experts in the sector and Key Opinion Leaders outside the company;
    • carry out the rewiew of articles already made by others, taking care, if necessary, of the correction of drafts, editing and drafting, if required, the bibliographic apparatus. In this same field, the medical writing experts active in LNAge have also carried out documentary research, investigations on scientific sources and care of apparatuses and notes;
    • research and / or produce statistical data and offer their interpretation: these are elements of fundamental importance to support the theses defended in the articles edited;
    • deal with the publication of scientific articles in scientific journals, making contact with the editorial boards to which they propose the article, for review, improvement and subsequent paper and / or digital publication.