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Thanks to its long professional experience, LNAge can boast among its partners also numerous university research centers with which, depending on the case, our company has entertained or currently maintains relationships of various kinds.
University centers, in fact, can be both simple customers to whom LNAge has offered its skills and services, and partners to whom our company has offered and requested support.

In addition to company sponsored studies, i.e. research activities initiated by a pharmaceutical company that then outsources one or more parts of the research process, such as, for example, one or more phases of a clinical trial to a contract research organization, to reduce the costs to be incurred for the specific professionals necessary to carry out the survey and to make use of highly qualified professional skills, already present and available on the market, LNAge operates just as frequently with Investigator Sponsored (IST) studios. The latter, in turn, are not conducted exclusively by CRO but also by Departments and Interdepartmental Centers where university research is carried out.




University research

the role of LNAge

In the partnerships that LNAge maintains with the structures and institutions that deal with university research, it is possible to distinguish two contiguous areas in which our scientific and professional activity takes shape.
LNAge staff has extensive experience in the design, management and coordination of Investigator sponsored (IST) studies, both profit and non-profit. When this kind of studies are conducted by our company, LNAge can seek the support of specific reference figures in the university world, such as teachers authors of specific studies in a specific sector or on a specific pathology or Key Opinion Leaders related to the areas of investigation in which LNAge itself operates, to request opinions or advice or to involve a professor or researcher in their research.

Even university centers, however, carry out sponsored Investigator studies, i.e. specific clinical research activities for which, similarly to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, they can request the support of a contract research organization. In this case, LNAge supports university research centers in the design and conduct of non-profit studies, operating in all phases of the trial (from the preclinical phase to phase IV of the clinical trial) and helping the staff involved in research to find solutions for the problems that may arise during the conduct of the study.
In order to provide performance and results of a high scientific level, LNAge provides its university partners with a group of expert monitors, often coordinated by a study manager, or a Senior Clinical Research Associate. Each of the professionals that LNAge employs in clinical trials is in possession of the specific certifications and specific training required by current legislation in Italy and has an in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical and regulatory legislation: the latter elements undergo a constant and rapid change and, therefore, impose, for compliance with the different obligations, constantly updated figures regarding the legislation of the sector pharmaceutical, and able to apply it even in contexts such as the university.

Partnerships with university institutions are initiated through memoranda of understanding, followed by implementation agreements, generally renewed annually and limited to specific research or training projects. Beyond the ways in which this kind of partnership is formalized, the purpose of these collaborations is always to create a synergy that is increasingly intense and profitable in clinical and biomedical research activities, and to promote the integration of research with the educational and welfare activities of the Departments and university clinics.
In the course of its activity LNAge has established collaborative relationships with the following university research centers:


University Research Centers

related activities

In addition to the relationships that LNAge maintains with the main Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) operating in the national and international field, in various areas of pharmaceutical research and development, for the conduct of clinical trials and experimentation activities, it should be remembered that the experts who work in our company maintain frequent collaboration relationships with university institutions also for Medical Writing activities.

LNAge researchers are, in fact, involved, by representatives of the academic world and by the editorial boards of accredited scientific journals in the peer review of scientific essays that must then be published. In university research, peer reviewed articles enjoy greater reliability and are considered to be of higher scientific authority than those that appear in common journals that often host sponsored content.